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One of the most popular roofs we install today are traditional paneled metal roofs.   There are a lot of different options with metal roofs that make a big difference in performance and longevity.  Depending on your what type of structure you are building, some options may make sense more than others.We offer both R-Panel metal roofs and Concealed Faster “Snap Lock” paneled roofs.

R-Panel – 

R-Panel can be installed on a home or business.  Most R-Panels come in 26ga steel and are fastened externally.  These products come in Galvalume (raw metal finish) or pre-painted to the color of your liking.  The paint finish is an SMP paint finish that has a 5-year Warranty.  This product is less expensive than Standing Seam, but will require maintenance down the road on the fasteners where they are exposed.  However, this product offers Energy Start Savings on most colors and is Class 4 impact resistant, which will save you money on your homeowners insurance.

Standing Seam-

Concealed Fastener “Snap Lock Panels”Standing Seam can be installed on your home or business.  Our Standing Seam Panels are 24 gauge and are custom fabricated to fit your home. Unlike some of our competitors, we also custom fab our trim with cleated edges and Z Bar so it can all be attached without exposed fasteners that would fail down the road.  Some of our competitor’s still use external fasteners to fasten the roof at the eaves, valleys, and ridges.  WE DO NOT!  These panels come in 1”, 1.5”, or 1.75” Seams and can be 12”-16” wide depending on your preference.  These roofs are also available in Galvalume (Raw metal finish) or Pre-painted to the color of your choice